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” The fastest growing segments of home-based businesses are in the Pet Care Industry!” If you’ve thought seriously of opening your own pet business but weren’t sure if it was right for you, read the statistics below.

  1. Pet businesses are the fastest growing home-based business
  2. 40 million US households own at least one dog
  3. Americans spent $43 billion on their pets annually
  4. 47% of all US households own more than one pet
  5. Despite a slowing economy – spending on pet care is increasing!

Starting a pet sitting business is a growing work from home business that provides opportunities for both adults and dependable kids to do something they love-work with and take care of pets. A pet sitting business is something the whole family can participate in and enjoy.

The Dalmatian Breeder

The Dalmatian breeder practices methods common to all breeds of dogs.  These methods are ethical and cover breeding, selling, and showing.  They were developed to protect both the buyer and the seller.


A female dog should not be bred before the age of one year or after the age of eight years. A male dog should not be used as stud under the age of nine months. The female should not be bred more than two out of three seasons. It is preferable to breed her only every other season.

Dental Care

One of Bailey's Favorites!

Yes, your Dalmatian needs dental care, too!  It’s important to discover potential dental problems early, and the earlier the better. 

Start your dental examination by lifting your dog’s lips all around his mouth.  Look at his teeth closely, and look for anything suspicious. Your dog will probably not cooperate with you at first. He’ll get used to it, though, over time. Routine, at home dental examinations and dental care may help avoid serious dental disease. You may even add an extra 2 – 5 years to your dog’s life.

Grooming your Dalmatian

Grooming Basics
All About Shedding
I may need extra grooming later, or maybe even a bath

Compared to other breeds, the Dalmatian doesn’t need much grooming.  He is short-haired, and his coat is smooth and shiny. A little grooming will keep him clean and neat. He does shed, though, and will require some brushing.   If his coat is healthy, shedding should not be a problem.

Agility Training

Dalmatians and agility training  go together like peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, Romeo and Juliet.


Agility Training is a Popular Sport

Agility training is a competitive sport that has  recently become very popular.  This sport lets your Dalmatian  show off his “agility ability” as he works his way around a course of man-made obstacles.  Agility equipment is available from Amazon.