A Dalmatian puppy does NOT make a good Christmas present.

Think twice before you buy a Dalmatian puppy for a Christmas present.

The holidays are approaching, and it’s important to educate your friends and family that Dalmatian puppies do not make good holiday presents.  Photos of Dal puppies with bows on their heads are cute, but these pet store puppies may come from puppy mills.

A Dalmatian puppy is never a novelty item. It’s cute and cuddly on Christmas morning, but a long-term commitment comes with it. Unless you intend to keep that commitment and care for that puppy for the next 12 years or so, a Dalmatian puppy is not for you.

Don’t buy on impulse. Remember, it is not returnable to the pet store. Please do your homework and make sure the breed fits in with your lifestyle. Familiarize yourself with the breed’s temperament before you buy!

If you would like to buy a puppy for a friend or family member, ask first. Otherwise it could be a problem. Just because you think it will make a terrific Christmas gift doesn’t mean the recipient will. What happens if the recipient doesn’t want the puppy? You have two choices: either take the puppy yourself or take it to an already overcrowded shelter.

Dalmatians make wonderful pets and are a loving addition to any family. If you decide a Dalmatian is for you, choose a reputable breeder  or rescue a Dal. They need you.

Here are two links for Dalmatian rescues.  One is in the U.S.A. and one is in the UK.




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