How to Choose a Vet

If you’re a dog lover like I am, you probably already have a vet. You also probably swear by your vet,  think she’s the best, and tell vet stories to all your friends.

Our dog, Bailey, loves to go to the vet. First he gets a treat when he steps on the scale, Then he gets another treat when his name is called. Then he gets still another treat for being such a good boy during his examination. However, on the flip side, he does tend to forget his leash manners, and he does tend to forget to use his inside voice announcing his arrival. All in all, though, trips to the vet are a fun outing.

Suggestions for finding a vet that’s right for you and your Dal

  • Check with a local kennel club for a recommendation.
  • Make sure the vet is knowledgeable about Dalmatians. Dalmatians do have some health issues which are characteristic of the breed.  Congenital deafness and urinary stone disease are common health issues for the Dalmatian.
  • Visit several offices. Observe the staff and note their office procedures and the general cleanliness of the office. Talk to some of the pet owners waiting in the lobby.
  • Look for displays of state and other licenses. An office that is AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) certified has met the highest requirements. AAHA certification requires an on-site inspection every 2 to 3 years. At random, inspectors check equipment, selected files, X-rays, and pet records. If a violation is found, usually the office has a short period of time to correct the problem.

Information in this article was taken from The Official Book of the Dalmatian, written by the staff of The Dalmatian Club of America. The book has a wealth of Dalmatian information, and the pictures, well; there aren’t enough words to describe all the fabulous pictures!

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