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Pet Quality Puppies

Pet quality buyers should be encouraged to have their puppies neutered. It is not unusual for breeders to have the new owners sign an agreement to neuter. Breeding pet quality puppies is not good for the breed. The Dalmatian breeder can explain to the new owner why his puppy is not suitable for breeding or showing.

Ready To Go

Puppies should be at least seven weeks old before adoption. The Dalmatian breeder should have had them checked for worms and wormed, if necessary. They will have had puppy inoculations depending on the advice of the veterinarian. The Dalmatian breeder will give you a copy of the BAER test. This confirms your puppy can hear. The breeder may also give you a starter kit including a small supply of vitamins  and a few toys, a collar, and leash.

Every Dalmatian breeder should make sure that the puppies are placed in suitable homes. Small children can be cruel to puppies accidentally.  A fenced yard is ideal.  An unfenced yard will work, too, but takes a little more effort.  Underground fencing is a popular and effective way to give your dog the freedom to run without having to worry about his safety.

Health Guarantee

The breeder will give you a health guarantee.   You will have a limit time to have your puppy examined by your own veterinarian.  If the veterinarian believes that the puppy is not healthy, he should prepare a statement explaining his opinion.  Your purchase price will be refunded.


Most times your puppy will come already microchipped. If not, contact your veterinarian to make arrangements for this procedure. Animal shelters now have microchip scanners. This is an easy and fast way to identify your dog and return him to you.

Visit the American Kennel Club web site for more information on microchipping.  It is inexpensive to enroll, and statistics prove that it is an effective way to find your lost pet.


If you are planning to show your dog, don’t buy a puppy younger than 4 – 6 months.  It is difficult to predict what a puppy will look like at maturity.  His appearance at six or eight weeks may change.  Generally it is a good idea to listen to the breeder.  If you make it clear to the breeder that you want a show dog, the breeder will sell you the best dog possible.

Suggested Breeders

Referrals from the Dalmatian Club of America

Karefree located in Reading, PA


photo credit: doggybytes

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