Dalmatian Puppies

The temperament of Dalmatian puppies varies.  Your Dalmatian puppy’s temperament will be the result of its genetic background.  Early environment and handling also shape its temperament.   Breeders tend to reproduce the quality they like. When looking at a litter, look at the temperament of its parents. This may give you a clue as to what your puppy’s temperament will be as an adult.

Which puppy should I choose?

As far as Dalmatian puppies personalities go, there are at least two schools of thought

1) Usually the most outgoing puppy is your best selection.
2) Don’t select the most outgoing or the most reserved, but one in the middle.

Whichever strategy you choose, remember that most puppies are cautious around strangers.  Never force yourself on a puppy; let him select you.  A puppy that holds back does not necessarily mean he is shy.  He is just being careful.

Should I choose a male or female?

This is a personal preference. There are advantages and disadvantages of having each sex. If you are interested in breeding, you should buy a female. She will be a nuisance when she comes into season every six month. The remedy is to have her spayed. Generally spaying is more expensive than having a male neutered.

The male Dalmatian lifts his leg to urinate and sees no difference between a tree trunk and your award-winning perennials. He will also be a handful when a neighboring female is in season. Of course, the remedy is neutering.

Your dog’s personality will depend, by and large, on how you raise and  train him. The bottom line is that it is a toss-up. Purchase whichever sex you want.

Should I choose a show dog or pet quality?

Decide in advance whether you want a show dog or a pet quality dog. Pet quality dogs are less expensive because they  are considered unsuitable for breeding or showing. Breeders compare each pup in the litter against the standard of perfection for the breed.  Breeders decide if a pup is a potential show dog or pet quality and may keep potential show dogs.  Potential show dogs are more expensive than pet quality puppies.  If you want to show your dog, be sure to study the Dalmatian Standard . This will teach you the technical points necessary for the show ring.

I want a pet quality puppy. What should I look for?

1. Trust your judgment.
2. Eyes should be clean and free of all discharges.
3. Legs should have strong bones.
4. Bodies should have solid muscle and be slightly rounded.
5. Coats should be clean with no trace of parasites.
6. Dalmatian puppies should be able to hear.

Congenital deafness is a problem in Dalmatians. Approximately 10 -12% are born deaf. Your breeder should be able to provide a print out of  your puppy’s BAER test.  This way you know your puppy hears.

Where should I buy my pet quality puppy?

It is strongly recommended that you do not buy your puppy in a pet store. These puppies are not bred carefully and come from “puppy mills.” Contact the Dalmatian Club of America, the closest regional Dalmatian Club, or an experienced local breeder. All will guarantee that any pups offered for sale have normal hearing.

 Should I crate my puppy?

Absolutely. It keeps your puppy safe when you can’t watch him.   The crate  is not a time out or a punishment. It’s his own little room where he can feel safe and keep out of trouble.  It also fulfills the den instinct of a dog and gives him a sense of security.

It is also helps with housebreaking.  Puppies prefer not to eliminate when confined to a small space. If the crate is the proper size, the puppy will resist the temptation to eliminate in his crate.  The crate should be large enough for the puppy to stand up and turn around. It should not be so large that the puppy has enough room to eliminate and then move away from his waste.  A puppy left in a house, a room, or even a crate that is too large will urinate or defecate in one area and then move away from the soiled area. Most crates come with a removable divider panel that can be placed in the crate. It can be removed as your puppy grows.

Your puppy should be introduced to its crate as soon as it becomes a family member. Encourage your puppy to go in his  crate by placing a treat or toy inside. Never force him into the crate.  When he does go in, reward him with praise or a treat. When your puppy wants to nap, encourage nap time in his crate.  Leave the door open.

Once your puppy is comfortable with his crate, you may close the door.

IMPORTANT! Don’t let your puppy out of the crate if he begins to cry. This rewards whining, bad behavior. Instead, wait until your puppy stops crying before opening the crate. This rewards good behavior.

Purchase a crate approximately 36′ long x 22-24″ side and 26-28″ high. This will give  him enough room to stretch out or to curl up.  Remember to use the removable divider as necessary.

The crates are ideal for traveling.  It’s a convenient way to take  your fun loving, travel bug with you.  There are many pet friendly hotels that welcome your well behaved four footed friends.  Dalmatians love to travel and make great traveling companions.

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