Adopt an Adult Dalmatian

Easy Adjustment

Most Dalmatians adjust easily to a new home and are completely settled in within a few weeks. Obtaining an adult dog has definite advantages.  There are no housebreaking accidents or demanding feeding schedules for tiny bellies.   They are also past the chewing and teething stage. Your furniture, shoes, and fingers are safe from those needle-like, sharp baby teeth.

Already Trained

Depending on the individual dog, an adult Dalmatian may be partially trained.  He may be crate-trained and may even have graduated from formal obedience school.  It’s possible he has outgrown or learned how to overcome some bad habits, like constant puppy yapping and jumping up on people.  Jumping up on people is hard for Dalmatians to overcome because of their extra energy and excitability.  It can be done, but it takes constant reinforcement. He may even know to stay off the furniture.  If you get a puppy, you will have to do all this yourself. 

Adult Dalmatians usually do very well in situations where the owner is at work all day.  They are happy living in apartments.  They are happy living with the elderly who want a companion.  Seniors might enjoy a companion but feel they can’t “keep up” with a puppy. The Dalmatian Club of America or a local Dalmatian club can put you in touch with the nearest Dalmatian rescue league or with breeders who occasionally place adults.

Rescued dogs should be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. Their temperament should be evaluated by an experienced breeder before you adopt.  Make sure you get a complete medical transcript including a history of all their shots.

Rescue a Dalmatian.  They need you!

Here are two links for Dalmatian rescues.  One is in the U.S.A. and one is in the UK.

Second Chances Dalmatian Rescue

British Dalmatian Welfare

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