Temperament of the Dalmatian

He is happiest with plenty of room to run. His temperament is not suitable for apartment living unless he can get  plenty of brisk walks (or runs) outside. Without mental stimulation he may become bored. Boredom leads to hyperactivity and all kinds of unwanted behavior, such as destructive chewing or constant barking.


His temperament demands a commitment from you for proper exercise. He is playful and always ready for  physical activity to  use up his energy. He is high-spirited by nature and never really outgrows his tendency to jump on people.  Obedience training is helpful, though, in overcoming this trait.

Dalmatians love the outdoors! Their favorite activities are going on jogs, running alongside bikes, taking hikes, or taking part in agility activities. They love to play with children and can be trusted to put up with some rough housing. Play time with young children, though, should always be supervised.  They may accidentally get hurt playing with an energetic Dalmatian.


Loyalty, affection, and a steadfast guardian are all trademark qualities of the Dal’s temperament. He has been  a bird dog, a retriever, a guard dog, a shepherd, a war sentinel, a draft dog, coach dog, and a mascot for firemen. A Renaissance Man is defined as one whose expertise excels in a wide variety of subjects or fields. A Renaissance Dog is defined as a Dalmatian.

He is intelligent  and a pleasure to live with. He will do well sharing the household with another dog, is people-oriented, and will enjoy your love and attentiveness. He is so friendly and adaptable that he will gladly live with another pet – even a cat!

photo credit: dogbrush

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