Dog Days of Summer

© everydoghasastory

Do you know why these muggy, humid, and sultry days of  summer are called the Dog Days?

Well, here’s why.  From the first part of July to the middle of August, Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, rises at the same time as the sun! For most humans it is a time marked with sluggishness and inactivity.

Well, not in this household! These hot days make for fun in the sun and the water!

Dogs can feel the effects of the sun, so it’s important to keep their coat protected. Try this all natural grooming spray with sunscreen. This natural sunscreen protects your dog’s skin from the sun and its UV rays. Its non-greasy and non-oily formula protects skin and conditions it at the same time. Just spray and go!

  • Easy Spray on application
  • FDA Approved ingredients
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Oily
  • Made in the USA

Now that we are all blathered up with sun screen….let’s go swimming!

Yes, Dalmatians love the water, too, but perhaps not as much as some of the other breeds. Our Bailey Boy is not much of a swimmer, but he loves to wade.  In fact, he could probably win awards for his expert wading ability.

Outward Hound from Cherrybrook


The Outward Hound Life Jackets from Cherrybrook are the perfect life saving accessory for your adventure loving dogs and their two legged companions.

  • High visibility color
  • Multiple reflective strips
  • Quick release buckles
  • Outstanding flotation
  • Adjustable straps
  • Neoprene belly band
  • Easy to grab handle
  • XS/SM come with one handle
  • MD/LG/XL come with two handles

Your dog will have a blast while leaving you worry-free.

Hop To It!


Fleas can be more than just a nuisance.  Fleas can cause a number of health problems for your Dal.

  • A flea’s bite can cause skin allergies, and Dalmatians are prone to allergies.
  • Flea saliva can cause dermatitis, a skin problem which causes severe itching.
  • If your Dal happens to swallow an infected flea, the flea could transmit parasites such as tapeworms.
  • A severe flea infestation can lead to more serious problems, such as anemia.

Fleas can be a problem despite the weather temperatures because  they can live indoors for a long time.

The life cycle of the flea lasts three to four weeks, but if temperature and humidity are not perfect, they can lie dormant. Undeveloped fleas can survive in carpeting and pet bedding for up to six months and sometimes  longer.


Happy Mother’s Day!!

To My Mom,

© Sabimm

Thank you for not getting mad at me when I roll in something truly delicious

Thank you for all the fun outings and vacations

Thank you for not getting mad when I run around like a crazy dog

Thank you for not getting mad when I track mud in the house

Thank you for taking such good care of me

Thank you for the big yard I have where I can run to my heart’s content

Thank you for making sure I have my insulin on time every single day

Thank you for being the best mom in the whole wide world!

Please buy me this kerchief so everyone will know how much I love you! 

Your Bailey Boy


Heartworm Disease is Preventable

Don’t take a chance!

Mosquitoes are a constant nuisance to pets and their owners, but they can also pose a serious threat as organisms which can transmit parasites from one animal to another. In fact, mosquitoes are an essential stage in the lifecycle of heartworms. Heartworms must pass through mosquitoes while in their larval stage before they can mature in a host animal. Once the heartworm passes through the mosquito and enters your pet’s bloodstream, the parasite can breed and cause permanent damage to vital organs.

If left untreated, a heartworm infestation can develop into heartworm disease which can lead to lung disease, heart failure, or death. Don’t take a chance. Make sure your pet is protected.